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Diet Assessment

  • Diet Assessment

    Here at on the hill, we understand that life has got just that bit tougher. With simply not enough hours in the day, individuals are eating on the go, with an array of fast food temptations, it's often difficult to know if you are getting exactly what your body needs. With the media constantly telling us one day a food is good for us, and then within a short period of time, being told the food is bad for us, it's little wonder that patients are left scratching their heads.

    Our diet assessment is really for us to take a non judgemental look at what you are eating. We really think about healthy teeth and bones and therefore we can assess how much of differing nutrients you are getting, and answer that all important question as to whether you are getting your recommended daily intake. We can make easy suggestions to help you not only improve your diet, but also we understand that a good diet is the foundation to the path of recovery. A poor diet can lower the immune system, give rise to tiredness and most importantly hinder your recovery. For information on prices, please turn to our Price list page. For any further information on this service please contact the practice.