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Ergonomic Assessment

Ergonomic Assessment

Ergonomic assessment is a specialist evaluation of a workplace/desk setup and its furnishings, tools, and tasks in relation to the physical abilities of the worker.


The aim of good ergonomics is to maximise the ability to maintain your best posture and minimise the forces put through your muscles and joints whilst performing a task. Good ergonomics is not just about standing up straight or sitting in the right position, it's also about understanding your work station. The aim of assessing work ergonomics is to:

  • Improve working efficiency
  • Improve Health and safety
  • Improve the comfort and ease of use
  • To reduce repetitive actions

The working practices of an individual risk injury. An injured worker can affect productivity of an overall workforce. Recent figures from the Health and Safety Executive still show that employers are still falling short of protecting their employees.

How will learning about ergonomics help me? 

Workstation assessment gives a patient an insight into how their injuries are occurring and how to avoid them. We can also advise about some of the equipment (supports etc) that is available to address certain conditions, we can also give advice to patients about how to set up their workstations and any accessories they may require. If they have manual tasks we can offer advice to reduce the risks of the task. We can also go into a working environment (office or at home) and undertake workstation assessments. We can also advise on :

  • Mechanisms of injury
  • Correct workstation setup and common errors
  • Work breaks
  • exercises
  • Manual handling and lifting technique

Most of the above will be discussed at some stage with you during the course of your treatment. Osteopaths at On the hill may suggest a variety of steps to help you. Some individuals may require a little intervention in terms of adjusting desk set up, chair height etc. Others may require a full on site visit. Whichever the patient prefers, we are here to help you.