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Mouth Guards

  • Mouth Guards

    A mouthguard (sometimes known as a gumshield) is an appliance which fits over the teeth and gums to protect and cushion them for damage.

    The two main types of mouthguards are

    Sportsguards ( worn when playing contact sports or sports that involve moving objects. These include rugby, boxing, football and cricket.)

    Nightguards (see tmj disorders, worn at night to protect the teeth and jaws)

    Our mouthguards are constructed in a laboratory after impressions have been taken of your teeth and gums. All of our mouthguards are therefore custom made and therefore are a precise fit. Each mouthguard is individually tailored taking into account patient needs, circumstances of use and considering levels of protection of required.

    We offer mouthguards in a wide range of different colours!

    Is your child starting contact sports at school? Are you worried that your childs teeth may get damaged? Has the school requested a mouthguard be made? Don't worry, this is one of our most common requests and our child friendly team will be happy to help.