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  • Orthotics

    Orthotics are a device to control, correct, or compensate for a bone deformity. Sometimes the Osteopath may feel that your problem is being caused by a problem in the lower limb or foot. With the very latest technology we can assess the pressure exerted through the feet and by strategically placing the right orthotic to suit your needs into your footwear, we can improve a variety of problems you may be experiencing. This can include low back pain, leg length discrepancies, foot pain or dropped arches, all of which can have detrimental affects on the lower limb, spine and body.

    We have a range of ready made orthotics to aid patients, our catalogue of orthotics include over 200 varieties. We also have a service where by we can produce and fit custom made orthotics. With the latest technology at our disposal we are fully equipped to help with your mechanical foot complaints.

    Not sure if we can help? Neither are we till we see your problem. Book in for a consultation to see if we can.