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Exercise Rehabilitation

Exercise Rehabilitation

At on the hill we believe that treatment only gets you part of the way to recovery. In order to facilitate treatment, we feel it is vital that you are instructed on a specialist exercise programme to aid your recovery. 
 The exercises can be for a variety of reasons:

  • To improve posture
  • To improve flexibility within muscle
  • To improve mobility within a joint
  • To strengthen muscles
  • To improve breathing

The overall aim is to reduce the chance of re-injury and better equip the patient to exercise safely, correctly and with efficiency. On some occasions, you may be simply asked to perform a few simple, easy to follow exercises at home, during the course of your treatment. Other conditions may require one to one exercise rehabilitation treatment sessions using specialist equipment. The level of exercise rehabilitation will be discussed in your consultation and subsequent treatments.

Disc injuries

We have a tried and tested method for disc injury rehabilitation. This is specific to the level of injury and type of disc problem you may have. Each individual programme is designed on a case by case basis, and can only be determined after an initial consultation. Of the individuals that present with a confirmed disc injury (by MRI) only those most suitable will undergo our disc rehabilitation programme.