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  • Implants

    Dental implants are a permanent solution to the problem of a missing tooth or teeth, made from a titanium stud, they are implanted in the jawbone. The replacement tooth is then attached to this stud, and your smile is returned to its’ former glory. Here at on the hill we use only the most sophisticated, latest materials and use only the most recognised and proven dental implant systems. We have highly trained, and vastly experienced implantologists. We believe in communicating with our patients to understand what they want within the realms of what is possible. With modern techniques and up to date information in the field, we can deliver an incredibly high standard of service. Our motto is "we are only happy when you are."

    How does an implant work?

    A dental implant is a small screw type cylinder made from titanium, which resembles a slim metal rod and is attached to the lower or upper jawbone by your dentist. Teeth come in two parts – the root and the crown, and the implant takes the form of an artificial root. Over time, the implant attaches itself to the bone of your jaw until it is a part of your body, a process technically known as osseointegration. When this healing process is complete, a crown or multiple crowns can be attached to the implant, thus, unlike other treatments, replacing the crown and the root.

    Not sure if you really need an implant? Confused? Contact us today to make an appointment and our experienced dental team will guide you through all of the options available.